​We require a once-per-year (per student) non-refundable registration fee of $25. Tuition can be paid up front for the whole semester, or monthly throughout the semester. That's it! No costume, competition, or recital fees to come later. ​ 
If WE cancel any classes before they have started for the semester due to low registration, or an emergency situation, your registration fee will be refunded in full. 
We offer a $10 per family per month discount for 2+ family members enrolled in dance classes at our studio!
We offer $15 off  per month for students enrolled in 2 or more classes (for example signing up for Irish AND Ballet would give you a $15 discount)!

We take into account all breaks and holidays when setting our tuition. The number of lessons per month may vary slightly, but we average out the cost over the length of the semester so that each monthly payment is equal.

Irish/Ballet Combo Classes (1 hour) $38 per month
Irish or Ballet Ages 4-8 (30-45 minutes) $33 per month
Irish or Ballet Ages 9+ (1 hour) $35 per month

Please note: Our age ranges are SUGGESTIONS. If you feel your child should be in a different class than his/her age range (to be with a sibling close in age, scheduling conflicts, more advanced, etc) please register them for whichever class works best for you, and then email us so we can make sure the class is a good fit for your dancer!




Irish Dance
Our Irish Dance Classes offer fun and engaging instruction for two styles of Irish Dance, Hard Shoe and Soft Shoe. All Irish classes ages 6+ will work on both styles each semester. Classes ages 4+ will focus on Soft Shoe in the Fall, and Hard Shoe in the Fall. Our awesome teachers have years of experience teaching, performing, and competing. We focus on traditional Irish Music and Irish steps, but we allow our teachers some creative liberty in the choreography and song choice that is used for recital pieces.

Contemporary Ballet
Our Ballet classes offer a combination of training in Classical Ballet technique and steps, mixed with wholesome Modern Dance moves. Our teachers have extensive experience performing in ballets, as well as musical theatre performances and plays. Music used in these classes ranges from well-known classical ballet pieces such as the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, to fun upbeat music and Disney movie theme songs. These classes promise to be full of fun, appropriate and engaging dance moves and music for ages 3-12. 

Combo Classes
Want the best of both worlds? Our Combo classes for ages 6-12 offer an hour of classes with two teachers. Half the class is spent doing Irish Dance, and half is spent doing Ballet. In the Fall, the Irish half of the class focuses on Soft Shoe, and in the Spring it focuses on Hard Shoe. With two teachers and two styles of dance, you get twice the fun for one low price!