What do I wear to dance class?

We have ZERO dance attire requirements, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing to class! We do recommend that you wear traditional dance wear (leotards, tights, etc) or clothes that are comfortable and easy to dance in (shorts and a t-shirt). We also ask that you make it so that we can see your knees in class for technique purposes. 


Are there going to be recitals?

YES! There will be a Winter Recital and a Spring Recital every year. We will send more information out as those get scheduled.


What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee holds your spot in class, but it also covers all recitals and costumes. That's right, you read that right, there are no more fees!


What dance shoes are needed?

Contemporary Ballet Class- Pink/nude ballet shoes are needed for ballet class. These can be purchased at most dance attire stores, or online (amazon has all sorts of options).
Irish Class-  We do soft and hard shoe instruction in our Irish classes. Shoes can be purchased at the sites below. Irish Dance shoes are expensive, so for younger dancers who are just trying Irish for the first time (and have feet that grow like weeds) ballet slippers and tap shoes will do. We recommend as dancers get more advanced and older, and are ready to commit to the style, that they make the investment in real Irish dance shoes.